Ankara Beşer Ecza Deposu ve İlaç Pazarlama A.Ş.

Take in to work

Our vision and core values of our company that we think would be suitable candidates, qualities and competencies are measured by tests appropriate to the subject. As a result of the interviews carried out in three stages, suitable candidates are identified, and reference research is done in accordance with the job offer. Prospective trial process is initiated by performing the assignment.

Trial Process

All employees in our company two month trial period applies designated by law . By the Company within the trial period and the value of staff compliance with company, current and potential future direction of the company's needs assessment is made in terms of use.

Orientation Training

All personnel on the job in our company was built in two stages during the trial period are subject to the orientation training. In the first stage of the general orientation training (company operating areas,'s vision, mission, values, organizational structure, company and department objectives) and the second stage of professional orientation. Orientation training effectiveness is evaluated at the end of the trial period.

Technical Training

Within the scope of our company vision and the technical training required to achieve the objectives within a plan by identifying realizes. The main purpose of technical education of our company is to improve the quality of service every day.

Personal Development Training

These types of programs, to be useful for workers and companies, and stay within the limits of the fee will be determined by senior management, material and spiritual support can be given. But It is not a commitment to this issue and employers should support the cut, as well as support the right to change the terms reserved.

Performance Management

Our company has been established vision is seen as the most important factor in achieving a fair and systematic as an evaluation tool for staff competence and target-based performance management system. Company targets have been reduced to department and individual goals. The results of these two parameters are monitored periodically, guided and evaluated.

Career Management

Career management courses and training supported by backing up critical positions for the work is done. According to the evaluation within the context of career management are performed for appointments, promotions and rotations.

Employee Satisfaction, Premium and Reward Management

In our company, every year in order to determine the level of employee satisfaction systems are operated and targeted. In line with the results for our employees recognition, appreciation and reward management system is executed. It also can be given concrete targets and monitoring system is applied to premiums for staff as possible.